Danny Morse

Danny Morse

b. 1979 in Wangaratta, VIC
Lives and works in Sydney, Australia

Danny Morse uses painting, photography and sculpture to playfully construct visual witticisms. Morse has often used found objects in his work, whether presented as is or in some way altered. It is a technique that was brought to modernism through the surrealist ‘objet trouve’ and was supposed to be a real thing that through its strangeness or ‘marvelousness’ pierced the everyday drudgery of life and pointed to another zone of possibility, ‘the surreal’.

Often memorialising objects from his childhood in fantastical ways, he uses nostalgia to comment on our consumer values and obsessions.

Morse graduated from the National Art School in 1999 with a Bachelor of Fine Art. He has held several solo exhibitions in Australia and has exhibited at Chalk Horse since its opening in 2008.

His works are included in the Artbank collection.



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