Daniel Domig

Daniel Domig


b. 1983 in Vancouver, Canada.
Lives and works in Vienna, Austria

Daniel Domig studied Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria, where he currently lives with his family. He has exhibited widely in both Europe and North America over the past two decades. Among his solo and group shows: Where Hopes Infest, at Diana Lowenstein Gallery, Miami, The Quiet Afterword, Museum Engen, Germany; Matter of a Burning Body, unttld contemporary, Vienna, Austria; The Heart is a Prideful Beast, Warburton Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland; All Words Were Once Animals, 33 Orchard, NEW YORK, NYC (solo); Five Rooms, Austrian Cultural Forum NYC; Triennale LINZ 1.0, Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz, Austria; With All the Things We Build and Make, Thrust Projects, New York; Lebt und Arbeitet in Wien III at Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna; BeastBodyBreathing at Gallery Winiarzy

His work is held in the Horst Köhn Collection, the Joseph Blake Contemporary SAMMLUNG ESSL, Collection, the Artothek Collection, the Statecollection Salzburg Collection, Museum Engen Collection, AMC Collezione Coppola Collection, Galerie Taxis Palais – Innsbruck Collections and the Sammlung Leopold Collection

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