Alexandra Standen

Alexandra Standen


b. 1988 Sydney, Australia
Lives and works in Sydney, Australia

Alexandra Standen is an Australian artist who explores the potential of clay as a ceramic form; subverting the long-held association between ceramics and utilitarian function. With graduate and postgraduate degrees from The National Art School (2011) and UNSW Art and Design (2018) respectively, Alexandra has also undertaken a number of artist residencies; most recently at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris and previously in Tel Aviv, Geneva and Istanbul.

It is not the intent of her art practice to indicate symbolic meaning carried by any given object nor, is it to attach such rigid ‘meanings’ to objects chosen by her for display. By examining the way objects and their relationships act as metaphors for human behaviour, particularly through functional references, and the apparent coincidental nature of them.

The premise of Alexandra’s work is to bring into question the fragility of ceramic objects. Susan M. Pearce states: 

In a world of objects, different people will take different things into their hearts and minds, and so objects cross the threshold from the outside to the inwardness of collection. 


In a unique sense, our collections are what we are, and from this all our other function flows. 

Alexandra Standen makes things with her hands. The repetitive gesture of ‘pinching’ her hand-built forms is as much conceptual as it is an an act of realisation. The conversation between materiality and form is ever evolving with intuition and experimentation in equal parts leading to the creation of these forms.


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