The Sea Hare

The Sea Hare

7th February - 16th March 2013

The Sea Hare is a retelling of the Grimm Fairy Tale of the same name. Also imaged by David Hockney the tale links looking to desire and power and has ramifications for our understanding of visual culture. How do we know and image sovereignty? The story also suggests the point of resistance against the law at the site of our own individuality and through art (an alternative way of looking and desiring).

In this series Watts’ paper cuts come to life through props and sets and activated by actors Ewen Leslie and Eryn-Jean Norvill. Following a tradition from Dada Theatre and Ballets Russes through to David Hockney and William Kentridge, Watts works on the line between painting and theatre. He is responding to the question of painting after performance and conceptual art.

Co-written by John Connell
Cinematography and Editing by John A Douglas
Costumes in collaboration with Yuliy Gershinsky