OFFSITE: at Oxford Art Factory | September & October

OFFSITE: at Oxford Art Factory | September & October

James Kerr

Julie Vulcan

Justin Shoulder

Zoe Robertson

Dara Gill

Ben Terakes

Tom Isaacs

Prophetic Initiatives [David Capra & Leahlani Johnson]

18th August - 24th September 2011

FREE FALL III: Curated by Kat Sapera.


“In the spirit of the happenings of the 1960’s, FREE FALL is offering performance artists the opportunity to step outside of the conventional gallery space, engaging with a demographic of Sydney’s nightlife that may or may not be prepared for what they will encounter. Using the body as the medium activates the opportunity for anomalies, and the essence of FREE FALL is all about this element of risk-taking.”
– Kat Sapera, Curator of FREE FALL III

Unique in its formula, performance art enters the realm of Sydney nightlife at fREE fALL, a curated program of events held every friday and Saturday night in the Glass Cube at Oxford Art factory. Curator Kat Sapera, in partnership with Oxford Art factory and Chalk Horse gallery, is bringing together the best of Sydney’s young contemporary artists in a two month cultural initiative that will explore everything from social interaction and voyeurism to sexuality, divine faith and fantastic creatures.

Notions of culture, art and immediacy will be addressed with a sense of fun, experimentation and theatricality in a series of performances by a diverse selection of established and emerging Sydney-based artists. With a particular focus on the crossover between installation and avant-garde performance, each artist will take over the Glass Cube for a weekend, transforming the space into a stage set that creates a world within which their performance, critique or character can develop.

Starting on the 2nd September, FREE FALL III will include performances by James Kerr, Julie Vulcan, Justin Shoulder, Zoe Robertson, Dara Gill, Ben Terakes, Tom Isaacs, Prophetic Initiatives [David Capra & Leahlani Johnson]

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