Breed of the Dead

Breed of the Dead

2nd April - 2nd April 2011

9am-9pm performance


Breed of the Dead is a day-long performance by Adam Geczy. The title comes from Nietzsche: ‘we are all a breed of the dead, but a very rare breed…’. For twelve hours Geczy will lie in a darkened room in an open casket surrounded by flowers. Visitors are invited to come and pay their respects and in return some respects will be paid to them….

As seen in SMH 31.3.11, “Breed of the Dead is part of a larger project, funded by the Australian Council for the Arts, which enabled Geczy to return to Eastern Europe. There, he artistically explored the world’s fascination with the vampire myth via Twilight and True Blood.” (Steve Meacham, SMH)

Dr Adam Geczy is a senior lecturer at Sydney College of the Arts. He teaches various artistic disciplines including sculpture, performance, installation studio and theoretical enquiry.