Body Fluid - The Seven Cycles

Body Fluid - The Seven Cycles

22nd November - 8th December 2012

Body Fluid is an ongoing research based project that began in 2011 and includes live art performances, installations and exhibitions with video, photographs and objects. The works seek to transform the monotony of the artist’s daily dialysis treatment into sublime acts of transformation of the self . Accordingly, in these mediated figurative landscape works, the imaginary golden figure takes on powers of levitation and flight through the replenishment of bodily fluids within the Australian landscape. Shot on location in the Snowy Mountains and in the Mallee country, Body Fluid – The Seven Cycles loosely references the visual motifs found in Nicolas Roeg’s science fiction classic The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976) and elements of Russian mysticism scattered throughout the cinema of Andrej Tarkovsky. The Seven Cycles serves as a metaphor for life support treatment and the alienation and social restrictions it incurs. It offers the viewer an opportunity to reflect on ones own mortality and the fragile cycle of life and death.