Trent Whitehead

Trent Whitehead: 'Somewhere Between Now #10'


Acrylic on laminated plywood,concrete

100 x 43 x 38cm



Happy Happy Joy: The Sculptures of Trent White Head

From murals and statues
we get a glimpse of what
the Old Ones bowed down to,

but cannot conceit
in what situations they blushed
or shrugged their shoulders.

Poets have learned us their myths,
but just how did They take them?
That’s a stumper.

You can see something of this in the work of Trent Whitehead. His laminated wooden sculptures are not unlike that ancient archetype Greek pottery. Formally Greek pottery is easily dis-assembled into bodily parts – the foot, the body the shoulder, the lip. Even the handles are stand-ins resembling hands on hips. Whitehead builds upon this through his work. They have the same fragmentary bodily cluster of parts, but are much more portrait like. They deny function and are sculptural in intent.


– Glenn Barkley, 2018