Tara Marynowsky

Tara Marynowsky: (5 works pictured from left to right): 'Marshmallow', 'Brain Rain', 'Goldie', 'Rain Man', 'Planet Claire'


all works: watercolour and gouache on polyester canvas (framed)

all works: 58 x 78cm


Tara Marynowsky’s art practice embraces painting, drawing, collage, video and installation. She investigates the uncanny and uses wry humour to explore personal emotions and feelings associated with womanhood. With influences drawn from archival artefacts, European fables and art history her subjects are riddled with nostalgia and themes of cultural belonging and identity.

She questions westernized beauty within this context. Working in a fragmented modus she often creates multiple works which when accumulated result in the form of an installation or series. Her work has an unmistakable hand-made aesthetic and she often uses watercolour to render her intimate works on paper.