Nathan Hawkes

Nathan Hawkes: The swallow and the other birds


Dry pigment pastel and graphite on paper with steel and acrylic frame (not pictured)

228 x 150cm


Nathan Hawkes is a Sydney-based artist whose work is grounded in the practice of drawing as a way of paying attention to and reflecting on the visual dynamics and sensations encountered in his daily life.

His large-format drawings are conceived and made in the living space of his family home and embody the chaos, bliss, tension and dreaming particularly to such a context. Scratching into the surface of the paper and using rudimentary mark-making with fingers and hands, masking, sponges and a vacuum cleaner, this suite embodies a rough-hewn euphoria and sense of renewal whilst gesturing towards an illusory perception of self in relationship to the world. It exemplifies his commitment to the exercise of drawing.

Hawkes states:

I am obsessed by the seemingly endless vitality and flexibility inherent to the act of drawing. Being arguably one of the oldest modes of communication there is something so deeply rooted, open, adaptive and non- exclusive about the practice of making marks on a surface in various ways to embody an idea or sensation.