Madeleine Pfull

Madeleine Pfull: Orange Sandals


Oil on linen

117 x 183cm


From a small studio shed, making art is a way of understanding and knowing the world: choosing and e-buying dated fashions and wigs; painting and scrutinising the details of a plant from life; studying your face contort to unnatural expressions in a mirror; searching endless images from peculiar sites on the internet; drawing cartoonish figures and scenarios; staging and photographing self-portrait tableaux with a camera timer. The whole process of painting for Madeleine Pfull is a way of intensely grappling with the anxieties and joys of life.


Hers is an aesthetic that refuses to see the ordinary and everyday as meaningless. It is an art that reconfigures, revisits, and reinvigorates. She is able to show through her zero sable brush, as it patiently iterates blades of grass, that nothing is insignificant or inferior. Her paintings engage in the politics of images, and the power of surfaces broadly, and assert the humanity of the invisible woman more pointedly.


Excerpt from an essay by Dr Oliver Watts on Madeleine Pfull’s 2019 solo exhibition at Chalk Horse

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