Addison Marshall

Addison Marshall: 'Monument Blue'


Unglazed ceramic, tulle cover

49 cm x 24 cm x 22 cm


The materiality and shape that composes Addison Marshall’s ‘Monument Blue’  is inspired by the architecture that the artist encountered on his recent trip to Italy. The tulle that is draped over the ambiguous forms like a veil, delineates a sacred space in which they reside and accentuates the interplay between hard and soft (a theme that Marshall often explores).

These opposing forces are suggestive but never fixed and they intensify the strange and sublime quality that Marshall’s sculptures often evoke. Marshall’s approach to ceramic is uniquely fresh, contemporary and it extends beyond the solidity of the ceramic object. In these sculptures there are not two but three forms that exist. The tulle and the ceramic together cast a new shape — the negative space that defines their relationship.