Benedict dos Remedios

Benedict dos Remedios

b. 1979 Sydney, Australia
Lives and works in Sydney

Benedict dos Remedios is a Sydney-based painter who creates impactful compositions with a sustained interest in colour, movement, pattern and form. Bright fading airbrushed colours contrast with acrylic and gouache painterly strokes as he blends his subjects in and out abstraction. Dos Remedios’ work explores nature, deception, repetition and beauty in the context of a digitised world.

dos Remedios practice often draws on the history of New York painting from Abstract Expressionism and up to the current living painters such as Alex Katz, Joe Bradley and Eddie Martinez. This is in part due to New York City having been the artist’s home for the past ten years, where the city streets, galleries and museums influenced many elements of his painting style.

dos Remedios completed his BFA at the National Art School in 2001. In 2003 he was mentored by Australian artist Duncan Stothart just outside of Barcelona. He has exhibited in both New York City and Sydney since 2004. His work has been collected by ArtBank and is included in private collections throughout Sydney, London, New York City & Barcelona.

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