Taipei Dangdai

Jason Phu, Jasper Knight, Mechelle Bounpraseuth, Clara Adolphs, Harry McAlpine, Emily Ferretti

10th May - 12th May 2024

There are lots of people around me, sometimes there are none

Jason Phu, Philjames, Daniel Domig, Dean Brown, Clara Adolphs, Catherine Clayton-Smith, Rodney Adams, Kate Mitchell, Oliver Watts

30th May - 23rd June 2024

Talking Underwater

Jasper Knight

8th August - 8th September 2024

Under the big blue sky

Alexandra Standen

24th October - 24th November 2024

Daniel Domig


CHALK HORSE is a contemporary art gallery based in Sydney, Australia. CHALK HORSE exhibits a range of work by Australian and international artists. The Directors of the gallery are committed to producing curatorial projects in Australia and Asia as well promoting Australian artists internationally.




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